Waco Heat offers a variety of lessons for your needs.  Areas of focus range from Pitching, Hitting, Throwing, Catching etc…   We also partner with many instructors outside our organization that have the playing and coaching experience from all levels (High School-Professional) to provide your child with good comprehensive one on one instruction.  Price varies depending on which lesson is needed. Please contact us at info@wacoheat.org to arrange a time, date, and instructor. Bundled lesson discounts available!


Why would I need one on one instruction?
Team practice is great for reps, team chemistry, and conditioning. Team scheduled practice will usually not allot enough time to fix mechanical and mental mistakes that your child may be consistently making. One-on-one training will give undivided attention and allow to work through mechanical and mental flaws without the pressure of their peers and failure in front of their teammates.  Baseball/Softball is mental and in most cases, a little extra one on one practice or  in small groups can do wonders on your child’s game. It’s similar to providing a tutor to assist with math in school. Learning is no different in baseball/softball and should be treated the same way.

Should I allow someone else to give instruction to my child other than myself?
Yes!!! It’s important for your child to learn from other qualified instructors/coaches as well.  Sometimes there could be a mental block between kids and their parents no matter how good or similar your instruction is in comparison and learning can be limited this way. Players could respond more so to someone new that is qualified and can give sound instruction. Also, it allows parents to ask questions and learn as well if needed. It can overall eliminate frustration between the child and parent to correct issues that are not being corrected between the two alone.  Finally but MOST importantly, it can improve parent/player relationship and making a young ball players years enjoyable and more effective during instruction and practice.

I can’t afford lessons at this time, is your pricing affordable?
Our prices are reasonable and we compare them season by season to what other instructors charge in the area.  Please inquire before you decide against it.

Who provides lessons to the kids?
All lessons are provided by coaching staff, board members, and/or qualified outside instructors.  We ensure that whoever is providing the instruction can work with your child’s age or has the experience to do so, specifically the younger ages.  All Waco Heat coaches and board members  are also required to have background checks annually to be eligible to coach our players.

When do you offer lessons?
Lessons are given all year long.  Off season is great for lessons, between Nov – Jan.

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