About Us

Our Purpose and Mission:

Waco Heat Baseball and Softball organization is a travel baseball and softball program created to directly impact youth in the Waco community and surrounding areas. Waco Heat provides a competitive program and alternative to kids that are excelling at the little league level and want to participate in a more competitive baseball and softball environment. Our program is not for profit (501(c)(3) and derived from a need in the Waco community to provide competitive baseball and softball within the city of Waco for all kids throughout Central Texas. Waco Heat welcomes anyone and everyone to tryout and be a part of our organization.

We strive to use our program to target inner city youth in the Waco and surrounding area that would not have had the opportunity to play competitive baseball and softball. These types of opportunities are imbedded in the evolution of professional baseball as certain individuals of various demographics were historically allowed to participate in professional baseball over time. Although the doors have been thrown wide open today, economics still can have a direct impact on travel baseball and softball participation. We do make our program affordable but require 100% parent/guardian support for each player. Waco Heat, may not be for everyone and some may benefit just as well from Little League Baseball/Softball. However, if you are ready for your child to take their game to the next level, we are the place to do so.

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