10U – 2009’s


We are currently looking to put together an advanced team of 2009’s.  Please contact us via email if you have any interest in participating in an Elite schedule for the Summer or Fall 2019.  The team has a solid core and we are looking for like-minded committed parents and players that want to play at a higher level with a challenging schedule. If you are currently on a team for Spring 2019 this will not interfere. We will only carry 10-11 players for this group and a 2-3 pitching rotation. Please Contact David Rodriguez, Waco Heat President, if you are interested in a private tryout.  Please 2009’s and advanced 2010’s only. Thank you for your interest.
Location for practices: Lake Air LL , 4200 Trice Ave Waco, TX
Date & Time: Email to schedule
Email: info@wacoheat.org

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